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Valheim: The Ultimate Survival Co-op Title You Should be Playing Right Now

If Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was already not enough to experience the life of a Viking, Valheim offers brand-new survival gameplay for players to kick off the year 2021. Available on Steam, Valheim came out of nowhere and conquered the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gaming enthusiasts in less than a month. Despite being the Early Access game at the moment, it offers a horde of content that one can immerse themselves in, similar to the all-time popular titles like Minecraft and Rust

Fundamentally, Valheim shares similar mechanics to the already available survival games, but there are certain core features that make it reek of originality in the true sense. Below mentions are takeaways that will surely spark interest within you to give Valheim a try that it deserves. 

Seal your Fate with Two Distinct Gameplay Styles 

The fantasy-themed world of Valheim boasts of countless Vikings traversing the lands, and you have two options to choose from in order to become a part of that world. The highlight feature of the game is its co-op feature that allows you to team up with up to 9 friends on dedicated servers and explore the world together against other teams. A player can also make a world and invite others to become its part at the same time. On the other hand, if you prefer to be a lone warrior, you can experience similar gameplay in single-player mode but at your own desired pace. 

Valheim is all about exploring the world, overcoming the designated challenges, and making intriguing discoveries. There are such moments that seem trivial, and you miss out on during the co-op gameplay, but you come to realize its actual value during the single-player campaign. There is no doubt that the pacing as a solo player is far more gradual, as there is no one for your rescue if the fear of unavoidable death looms over your head. Also, recovering your equipment after that becomes no less than a shameful run in and itself. 

Multiplayer gameplay is far more relaxing and enjoyable in a sense, considering there are other teammates that play their part and fill in the empty roles. Acting as a unit, you craft bases and work your way through the trials of exploration, gear collecting, building, and ultimately, slaying the major bosses of Valheim together. Even if some of your teammates do not prefer this playstyle, co-op multiplayer lets you meet up and form bonds of friendship with new people. It makes even a trivial journey of mining minerals much more engaging and enjoyable. 

Overall, whether it be multiplayer or solo, Valheim offers tons of features necessary for a survival adventure. You can even resummon the already defeated major bosses in the game and relive the experience with random willing players. Having a dedicated server benefits a lot in this regard, as your friends can join or leave willingly instead of wasting time setting up the world for others every time. Simultaneously, there is not a single dull moment when it comes to solo gameplay despite being unique in its sense. 

Simplicity at its Finest 

The framework of Valheim makes it convenient and fathomable for players that are not familiar with the core mechanics of the survival gaming genre. Fundamentally, Valheim’s every biome is a tier and features a boss. You repeat the cycle of clearing the zones for valuable resources in order to make recipes and necessary gear to keep up with the increasing difficulty. Then you team up and take on the bosses in each zone, which inevitably becomes less of a battle and more of a public service event. Of course, you can break free from this cycle of progression and come up with your creative playstyles. The point to understand is that Valheim is no rocket science, and spending enough time can get you a long way in this game. It is all about taking the initiative and focusing on making progress in your Valheim world. 

Valheim Focuses more on Rewarding. 

Death in video games does not lead to a positive outcome with few exceptions, and the same goes for Valheim. You will need to run back to the location of your death and recover equipment, but there are specific survival mechanics that make life much easier in Valheim. The best example in this regard is that merely eating food provide necessary stats that make it harder for you to die. Interaction with the environment and making essential precautions in accordance with weather is ideal, but harsh winter without shelter will not result in your death. From a gameplay perspective, it makes traversing the unknown biome and boss less challenging in a way, as you will not be having to worry about dying from hunger. Overall, this gameplay shift rules out the needless stress element in an already challenging world. 

Valheim’s PvP Mode is a Breath of Fresh Air 

Unlike the long-time existing survival titles like Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved, Valheim made exemplary and much-needed changes to its PvP playstyle. The griefers and game ruiners are similar to a virus in online games. Following the example of Rust, there is a chance that anyone can invade your territory and steal away items that you spent days working on collecting. But it is no longer the case with Valheim, as it focuses more on PvE and co-op gameplay.  

Valheim has relatively straightforward objectives, and although there is PvP mode, it grants the players freedom to engage in combat without getting forced to do so against their wills. It results in a more balanced matchmaking approach where a weak player does not need to worry about getting stomped by a high tier player, completing the opposite of Rust. In this regard, Valheim does an excellent job in not letting the game ruiners wreak havoc in the world and make life miserable for innocent players. 

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