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Top CoD Warzone Loadouts for All Kinds of Playstyles

What makes CoD Warzone stand out within the battle royale arena is that it allows you to call down a Loadout Drop. What these good boxes contain are Loadouts that you have set up to use in the game’s other modes, granting you and your teammates the opportunity to deck yourselves out in your favorite gear without needing to rely on random stuff scattered around the map. 

With so many Perks and weapons, though, it’s hard to tell which work best in CoD Warzone. Fret not, though, as we’ve assembled the best loadouts for all kinds of playstyles so you can pick the gear that fits your own. 

Top CoD Warzone Weapon Loadouts 

For the Long Ranged Sniper 

If you enjoy popping off heads from afar, then boy do we have a CoD Warzone loadout that’ll fit the bill nicely. The HDR Sniper will be your primary weapon of choice which you can pair with another long-ranged weapon with the Overkill perk. You’ll be fighting a lot of long-ranged battles in CoD Warzone so be sure to pick some good perches and bide your time until the guests of honor arrive.  

Having a Proximity Mine handy to keep your blind spots covered is a good idea and when push comes to shove, keep a .50 GS Side ready to go so you can take on anyone who manages to get past your sniper range. 

Primary: HDR Sniper w/ Variable Zoom Scope 

Secondary: .50 GS Side w/ FORGE TAC Enforcer 

Perks: Overkill or Ghost, Cold-Blooded, Tracker or Tune-Up 

Lethal: Proximity Mine 

Tactical: Smoke Grenade 

For the All-Around Enthusiast 

If sitting still waiting for enemies to get within your scope makes you snooze, then you’ll want a CoD Warzone loadout that puts you in the thick of things. Because Warzone is an open-map BR game, firefights will undoubtedly occur at range. For this reason, you’ll want weapon’s that can do damage beyond a stone’s throw, as well as provide a lot of mobility. Say hello to the Kar98k. What you’ll need to learn quickly with this weapon is quick-scoping, as when it’s fully decked out with the mods in our list it becomes a highly versatile beast that’ll give you plenty of dexterity to move about while shooting.  

You’ll want to pick up the Lethal and Tactical perks as well as a Smoke Grenade to give you some breathing room when the enemy finds a way to blindside you. 

Primary: Kar98k w/ Singuard Custom 25.1, Sniper Scope and Stippled Grip Tape 

Secondary: .50 GS Side w/ Monolithic Suppressor 

Perks: Ghost, Cold-Blooded, Tracker 

Lethal: Proximity Mine 

Tactical: Smoke Grenade 

For the In Your Face Type 

CoD Warzone isn’t the best game to whip out shotguns in, but we get it. You’re a glutton for punishment and live on the edge. You live for the thrill of just sneaking up on unsuspecting enemies and blasting them away with your boomstick. If this is what makes you giddy, then you’ll love this CoD Warzone. You’ll definitely want to run Overkill and pair our recommended shotgun with a primary that has more range just for the added versatility. Obviously, you’ll want the Ghost perk as well cause you don’t want to be caught by the UAVs. 

Primary: 725 – Shotgun w/ Tube Extension and Liberator 

Secondary: RPG-7 

Perks: Ghost or Overkill, Cold-Blooded, Tracker 

Lethal: C4 

Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor 

Top CoD Warzone Perks 

  • Overkill – Like the sound of carrying two primary weapons? Then this red perk should be your go-to for sure. Affording your incredible strength in the early game, Overkill allows you to kit out Loadout with two fully modded primary weapons. Pick your two favorite guns and get ready to party when the drop comes. 
  • Ghost – This red perk will make UAVs a non-issue. In CoD Warzone, UAVs are quite powerful because of their enemy revealing ability. Because of this, Ghost has become one of the most popular red perks amongst the pros. 
  • Cold-Blooded – This blue perk is another pro favorite thanks to its incredible synergy with the Ghost red perk. Save for Recon Drones and thermal scopes, none of the AI recon abilities will be a bother as Cold-Blooded will diminish their ability to see where you are. You’ll want to add this to your loadout especially if you’re the Sniper type. 
  • Tracker – Debatably the only really good yellow perk for CoD Warzone, Tracker will provide you with the ability to track enemies, which is quite useful in an open map BR game. While some alternatives can be found, such as Tune-Up and Battle Hardened, it’s tough to pass up on knowing where your enemies are on the map.