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Top Beginner Tips for CoD Warzone to Get from Zero to Hero

So, you’ve bought into the hype and have finally picked up CoD Warzone for the first time. Maybe you’ve even played a few rounds for kicks and to get a feel for the game. Now, your competitive instinct is kicking in and you want that sweet sweet victory. But that’s not proving to be easy at all. That’s the thing about Battle Royale games. They’re great when you’re casual but tough as nails when you want to step up your game. 

Don’t fret, though, dear rookie. In our CoD Warzone beginner’s guide, we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you reach the top and finally get your first win. 

Work as a Team

What makes CoD Warzone fantastic for BR newbies is that it’s squad-based. This means you’re never on your own against the odds. At the same time, though, others are also backed up by two teammates just like you are. This means that charging in head-first on your own is a bad idea. Use your best FPS experience here and work on sticking close to your squad. Should you ever happen to land on an uncooperative team, you’ll still fare better by following them and providing them with cover. Do your best to cover their blind spots and provide them with information and they’ll likely do the same. Eventually, your teamwork skills will pay off. 

Drop Faster 

In Battle Royale games like CoD Warzone, finding the right place to land is an important first step to take in a match. Even more important is being one of the first to land on it. Remember that you’re not the only one with bright ideas. Your foes are also eyeing the good landing sections to pick up sweet loot. Fortunately, CoD Warzone has a neat little trick that’ll help you reach the ground faster. After leaping out of the plane at match start, begin diving head-first towards your target.  About halfway down, release your parachute to adjust your trajectory then cut it loose to continue diving. If you need to make further adjustments, release your chute again and then cut it once more. This can be done indefinitely until you hit the ground. It’s a great way to reach a desired landing spot quickly and accurately. 

Always Be Saving 

What makes CoD Warzone particularly unique among its BR peers is its Cash economy. What makes this particularly important is the Loadout Drop which allows you to bring in a fully kitted out weapons loadout from other modes of the game. This is a massive boon as you’ll be instantly outfitted with weapons, perks, and gear that fit your preferred playstyle. There are a few other abilities and gadgets, such as UAVs and armor packs, that can be important to buy as well. This is why having good communication and ensuring at least one or two teammates save up for a Drop is vital to achieving victory in CoD Warzone. 

The best way to rack up that Cash is to fulfill Contracts that you’ll find around the map. These mini-objectives – Bounties, Scavenger and Recon – are an added layer that’ll bring you closer to firefights while also rewarding you handsomely for your troubles. Focus on completing as many of them as you can with your team and the money for the Loadout Drop is as good as secure. 

Ping the Time Away 

Just like most BR games these days, CoD Warzone has a robust pinging system that helps you and your team communicate without the need for voice chat. By just tapping a button, you can ping almost anything in front of you, from enemies to objectives to items. It’s an invaluable tool in your arsenal because it streamlines your communication with your team. On top of getting used to pinging stuff, you’ll also want to work on how you react to your team’s pings. Especially when an enemy player is pinged, you’ll want to swiftly turn your attention to them the second the indicator pops up on your screen. 

Sharing is Caring 

CoD Warzone’s Cash system allows for another important teamwork element and that is the sharing of resources. Your Cash shouldn’t be designated just for your own benefit. If you find that one of your teammates is undergeared, using your own cash to outfit them with armor and other stuff can literally mean the difference between victory and a trip to the Gulag. Naturally, saving up for a Loadout Drop benefits your whole squad so being aware of your balance is crucial to ensuring your team is at peak performance. 

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