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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice General Combat Guide

When you expect a game launch from the infamous FromSoftware, it is the nail-biting and complex combat mechanics in their games. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is no other exception and deserves all praise in the world for its one-of-a-kind combat that is satisfying and rewarding yet challenging at the same time. Whether you are a complete novice to the souls-like genre or mastered the art of combat through popular titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Sekiro will test your mettle and pose a challenge unlike you have ever experience before. This article will guide you through the combat mechanics of Sekiro and assist in baring your fangs like an actual Wolf. 

How Posture Works 

The new combat feature that got implemented in Sekiro is the posture bar of characters. Unlike Dark Souls and other titles, there is no concept of stamina in this game, and you can keep sprinting for the entire game without tiring out. Instead, you inflict damage to the posture of characters periodically either by directly attacking, using specific prosthetic tools or by successfully deflecting the enemy attacks. 

The critical point to note is that the more your character or enemy lose their HP, the slower their posture will recover over time. The more you hit or deflect attacks, the quicker it will get to land a deathblow on your opponent regardless of the HP. On the other hand, if you maintain distance between your opponent and go into guarding position, your posture will recover faster depending on the total HP. All in all, the entirety of Sekiro’s combat revolves around the concept of posture and making precise movements to inflict as much damage as possible. 

Understand your Opponents 

Similar to fighting games, Sekiro is all about analyzing your opponent and using resources at your disposal with precision. Putting aside the main bosses, each enemy in Sekiro possesses a unique combat style and attack patterns. The weapons range from standard katanas, daggers, spears, massive bells, guns, arrows, shuriken, and much more. You name it, and Sekiro will most likely have it in store for you, putting aside the fact that there are elemental damages as well, including fire, poison, spirit orbs, and lightning. 

The point to be noted here is that each enemy has something different to offer, which can most probably lead you to your death with one wrong move. It is extremely important to take your time and understand the attack patterns of your opponents. Sekiro is highly merciless and unforgiving when it comes to combat, so it is ideal for spending time and examining what the game has to offer. 

Execute Stealth Kills as Much as Possible 

Mastering the art of a true Shinobi demands for you to excel at a stealthy approach. If you manage to get behind a character without getting spotted successfully, you can take them out in one quick blow. Of course, it works on the mini-bosses as well, but you will only be taking out their one health bar, which is an excellent start to the fight, needless to say. If there are specific scenarios where stealth killing is out of option, you can create situations with the help of certain items, including a fistful of ash. 

Study the Unblockable Attacks 

When a massive red kanji sign appears out of nowhere during combat, it is the indicator of immense trouble. These are practically the attacks that are not dodgeable by normal means and inflict considerable damage compared to normal attacks. Generally, these are either thrust attacks or sweep attacks when used by a human opponent. Thrust attacks can either be dodged by deflecting the attack at the perfect moment or executing a successful Mikiri counter, implying that you unlocked the skill beforehand. 

On the other hand, sweep attacks require you to jump in the air before the attack lands. The standard animation for both attacks is different, so make sure to keep your eyes open to not mess up by deflecting the sweep attack with Mikiri counter. The beast characters also use Grab attacks, which require you to sidestep or jump in order to dodge them.