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Pokemon Go Dev Finally Responds to Furious Fans – IGN Daily Fix

In today’s episode, Pokémon Go developer Niantic has heard the fan outcry over the rollback of changes made to the game. Those changes were made in 2020 to accommodate pandemic-era rules that required social distancing, closure of certain business, etc. One of those changes included increasing the interaction distance with Pokéstops from 40 meters to 80 meters, and fans really liked that. Now that much of the Western world has re-opened and people are out and about, Niantic has reverted many of those changes (like the interaction distance) back to pre-pandemic rules. Fans really did NOT like that. Niantic has promised to converse with the community and form a committee to address their issues. Hopefully they come come to a nice compromise, because Pokémon Go—despite what internet comments have been saying—is definitely NOT dead and the community is very active. In other news the long-awaited Left 4 Dead spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood is in closed beta right now, and we’re gonna tell you how to get in! And you should definitely try to, because it’s really fun. But, if you can’t be bothered with all the steps, just wait a week and it’ll be in open beta for everyone! But don’t you want to get in early and say you were in there before it was cool? And speaking of games where you kill dead things, the Dead Space remake could be coming earlier than expected. EA Motive is eyeing a 2022 release date for the sci-fi horror remake, which is sooner than what’s been previously reported—sometime in 2023. Start your weekend off with the Daily Fix!

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