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PC Gaming Vs Console Gaming A Great Debate

Which gaming method is better, an ongoing debate, a gaming PC or a gaming console. Every gaming setup has its own advantages, preferences, and limitations.  

In this article, you will see the difference between PC gaming and console gaming after knowing some key features that differentiate the two. 

Let’s get started! 

Graphics Quality 

If you have a powerful gaming PC, no doubt it can provide superior graphics quality than any other gaming console. Most games run smoother with high graphics settings at a higher frame rate on PC. A high-end gaming PC can effortlessly run games up to 4K resolution from 60 frames per second FPS to 100 fps. It’s nearly double what consoles can manage to provide today. 

I don’t worry about great visuals that they showed that weren’t actually running on real hardware. It doesn’t matter. Gamers don’t make their purchase decisions based on movies that were shown in May for products that come out in March.” 

 CEO of Project 529, J Allard said in his interview. 

Comparing an average gaming PC graphics with a console, the difference is quite unnoticeable but with high-spec PCs, the difference can be noticed clearly. 


In terms of performance, gaming PCs are far more superior to gaming consoles. In competitive Esports, every gamer prefers to have a gaming PC with high specs. The RAM, CPU, GPU, and hard drive storage of a high-end gaming PC, all contribute to giving a better gaming experience overall. However, they will cost you some major investment.[Text Wrapping Break] 

This makes gaming consoles to be only good for casual gaming. The decision of having a gaming setup either a PC or a console mainly depends on the need or taste of the gamer. A console can be a good option if you just want to spend quality gaming time. For more competitive gaming, choose a high-end gaming PC.    

Number of available games 

You can find more than 30,000 PC games to play on Steam, the number one PC games platform. You can also purchase popular games at a very low price for PCs. It is better in many ways than the stores on Xbox One and PlayStation. 

Gaming consoles are quite limited when it comes to gaming options. You can play around 1,100 games on Xbox. The same amount of games are available to play on PlayStation 4. 

Also, PC games are more often available on sale or at a discounted price but you will rarely see any sale on console games. 


Whether you’re buying or building a PC, one of the clearest advantages of a gaming PC is its easy customization and upgradability. If you want to play new games that are heavy and require more high-end requirements to run smoothly, if you’re using a gaming PC, you can easily upgrade the hardware to meet the needs. You can order and set up the powerful components in your PC to play the latest heavy games. On the other hand, gaming consoles are limited with their built-in hardware. You are not able to upgrade your console except for buying a whole new one. 

Pricing Comparison 

If we compare performance needs for a casual gamer, an average gaming PC with 8 GB RAM, HDR display, and an Intel quad-core processor can be very efficient. According to the reports, these are the averagely most used specs by most gamers. 

As I stated above, some games require a high-end gaming PC while some require a low-end one so it completely depends on the type of games you’re going to play.  

The advantage of consoles is that they are inexpensive and come up with the consistent price points. You can purchase the most expensive version of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 at $300-$400. Even though consoles are limited in their capabilities, you’ll get a quality device that can give you quality gaming time.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Summing up for you! 

It is the question that most people usually ask when people try to buy a gaming setup whether they should buy a PC gaming setup or any PlayStation or Xbox. 

The most commonly used gaming method is PC gaming setup but if you are a casual gamer and want to do gaming just for fun and entertainment then you can consider buying other gaming consoles. 

These gaming consoles include 

  • PlayStation by Sony 
  • Xbox by Microsoft 
  • Nintendo Switch 

After reading the article, I hope, now you understand what is the difference between a gaming PC and a gaming console. 

Happy Gaming!