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Hitman 3: Year 2 Reveal – Full Presentation (January 2022)

Watch the full presentation of Hitman 3’s Year 2 content reveal, which aired on January 13, 2022. During the showcase, members of the development team from IO Interactive gave details regarding what to expect from Year 2 of the game, which begins on January 20th and throughout 2022, including a look at the new game mode, Elusive Target Arcade; Freelancer mode, which arrives in spring 2022 and features roguelike elements along with a customizable safehouse, and more; and Hitman VR which comes to PC on January 20, 2022.

Additionally, the team also revealed new technology on PC that’s coming to Hitman 3 in 2022; Hitman 3 is headed to Steam; the Hitman Trilogy Collection arrives on January 20th for PC and consoles, including Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate; and more.

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