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Fortnite – How to Get Better at Building

Fortnite may be seen as a game where kids just mess around but it’s actually quite tough to get good at. On top of having good aim, you also have other skills you need to master. That includes building, one of Fortnite’s main claims to fame. As the game’s most unique feature within the Battle Royale space, it can seem daunting when you’re still learning it. Having the ability to build fast and under pressure is what will help you reach a new level of skill in Fortnite. 

Like with most skills, it’s important to remember the three Ps: practice, practice more, and then practice even more. With Fortnite building, the key is in knowing what to practice. 

1. Learn Your 90s 

90s are 90-degree ramps and are the most basic structures you can make in Fortnite. You’ll primarily be chaining these to reach vantage points and create more paths for yourself. After reaching a decent height, you can start building other structures on top of your 90s. It’s crucial that you start by learning how to make these ramps in Fortnite quickly. Even more important, you should learn to build them while moving in multiple directions. So hit up a custom map and start building 90s while moving until it becomes second nature. 

2. Pushing with Ramps 

You aren’t building 90s ramps just for show. At some point, your gun needs to come out and start shooting. Once you’re confident you can build single 90s in a chain while moving, it’s time to add another practice layer.  As a pure muscle memory drill, start building 90s while moving, and at some point stop and ready your weapon. Try to do this repeatedly and at random, visualizing that you’re under attack at a moment’s notice. You’ll know you’ve got this down pat when you’re not fumbling for your weapon while you’re stuck in building mode. For an added extension and challenge, you can practice both the previous and this drill by doing double side-by-side ramps. 

3. Build While Jumping

One thing to remember about Fortnite building is that you’re not restricted to the ground. You can jump and build at the same time which means you can reach new heights with your structures. Learning this technique will also give you the ability to build in almost any direction you need to. This is where the sideways jump and build comes into play, saving you a connecting build and time in the process. Drill this by starting off with a 90s chain and then jump and build a box on top of you. Remember to start with the bottom portion so you don’t fall through. Keep doing this in a practice arena and then move onto trying to build as high as possible and in multiple directions. 

4. Build Tunnels 

Tunnel building in Fortnite can be somewhat tricky because you’re building boxes without closing walls. The crucial skill to learn here is building consecutive boxes around your character while moving and without blocking your path. Start your practice drill with a 90s ramp then proceed to build the first open-ended box of your tunnel. While moving forward, continue building in the same way and carry on until you’re confident you can do it without much thinking. The obvious extension here is to practice changing your tunnel’s direction.  

5. Chaining Fortnite Building Techniques

None of these techniques we’ve discussed are meant to be performed in isolation. At least, not if you’re aiming for the top. Once all techniques are mastered, you’ll want to start practicing building elaborate towers and structures by mixing and matching techniques. By learning to build these types of structures on the fly, you’ll gain a huge advantage over your opponents, especially in the latter stages of a given match. So, start an empty practice map, put on some tunes, and start freestyling. Start with your 90s as usual and have yourself combine jump building, sideways jumps, tunnels, and boxes to build massive and multi-directional forts. Do this often and for a good chunk of time and before you know it, you’ll be a master Fortnite builder. 

6. Try Some Practice Courses

One of the biggest boons in Fortnite is the game’s Creative Mode. Outside of some fun social spaces, a lot of players have created special practice courses where you can work on your building skills. Once you’ve got the above basics down, you’ll want to branch out by diving into some of these courses to take your Fortnite building skills to the next level. 

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