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Elden Ring Exists but Likely Not Coming out Anytime Soon

Elden Ring made its first presence with the official trailer unveiled all the way back during E3 2019 event. It comes from the collaboration between Game of Throne’s author George RR Martin and FromSoftware studio, the producers of prominent souls-like titles including Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Since the announcement, fans are only getting more impatient and cannot wait to slay; some might make otherworldly beings. One of the main reasons behind the Elden Ring’s hype is due to the aura of mystery surrounding it due to insufficient gameplay and news reveal over the last couple of years. Furthermore, it has been over a year since FromSoftware shared any of their remarks regarding the situation with Elden Ring’s existence. 

Leaked Footage 

After remaining in hibernation for all this time, today, there is finally a gameplay trailer that got leaked and created waves over the internet within few hours. As per officially enclosed, the footage is relatively low quality and blurry, which raised further questions regarding its genuinity. There is no denying the possibility that it could be fake, but none other than VGC clarified the doubts by making official remarks on Twitter. According to VGC, the footage is, in fact, real and showcases the official gameplay footage from Elden Ring. There is a high chance it could get removed from the internet in no time, but it is no doubt the evidence that fans were desperately waiting for all this time. 

Regarding the launch date, the rumours circulated the previous year and speculated to match the same window as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which makes it the month of March 2021. But much less launch, a slight sneak peek into the gameplay is probably what fans will be getting at this point. An authorized source with close affiliation to VGC disclosed the unfortunate circumstances regarding Elden Ring’s development the previous year. 

Internal Delays 

According to the sources, Elden Ring suffered multiple delays internally as a consequence of the global Covid-19 pandemic in the form of certain forced working restrictions. Regardless, there will be a major release regarding Elden Ring’s contents, so fans should definitely expect a piece of positive news. The initial rumours indicated it being during the Xbox gaming event getting held on March 23 but got immediately shut down by Microsoft. Although it might be random, the leaked trailer definitely points towards a major reveal sometime during March. If fortune favours the fans, FromSoftware might also have an official launch date prepared for their Elden Ring project. 

When it comes to the contents of the leaked footage, it shows a glimpse of the segments of standard Souls-style melee combat. There is also battle an intense battle shown between a mighty Dragon and adversaries wielding swords.  

Apparently, Elden Ring will also feature combat while mounted on horsebacks in a massive open world-ish environment. Only time can tell what Elden Ring has in store for its fans and how much FromSoftware will reveal before confirming an official launch date.