Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice General Combat Guide

This article will guide you through the combat mechanics of Sekiro and assist in baring your fangs like an actual Wolf.

Top Beginner Tips for CoD Warzone to Get from Zero to...

Don’t fret, though, dear rookie. In our CoD Warzone beginner’s guide, we’ve got a few tips that’ll help you reach the top and finally get your first win.

Top CoD Warzone Loadouts for All Kinds of Playstyles

What makes CoD Warzone stand out within the battle royale arena is that it allows you to call down a Loadout Drop. What these good boxes contain are Loadouts that you have set up to use in the game’s other modes, granting you and your teammates the opportunity to deck yourselves out in your favorite gear without needing to rely on random stuff scattered around the map.

Fortnite – How to Get Better at Building

Fortnite may be seen as a game where kids just mess around but it’s actually quite tough to get good at. On top of having good aim, you also have other skills you need to master. That includes building, one of Fortnite’s main claims to fame.