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Apple Makes More Money From Games Than Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Combined – IGN Daily Fix

On today’s IGN The Fix: Games, Although Apple hasn’t many games of its own, the tech giant is now taking more profits from games than Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo combined. And while Apple Arcade is still a great value, it’s not the reason for their success in the gaming space. Massive titles like Fortnite and Honor of Kings bring in tons of revenue in the form of a 30% that Apple takes for listing these titles in their App Store. Ubisoft has confirmed a long-held fan theory about the villain of Far Cry 2, the Jackal, and how he connects to the original Far Cry story. “The Jackal is actually supposed to be Jack Carver from the original Far Cry,” said Clint Hocking, Far Cry 2’s Creative Director, while talking to IGN for the latest Inside Stories documentary, How Far Cry’s Iconic Villains Were Created. Carver is an ex-U.S. Army Special Forces and the protagonist in the first Far Cry along with the spinoff Far Cry Instincts. According to Capcom’s COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto, the company behind Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, and many more is planning to “mainly focus on PC software” in the future. As reported by VGC, Tsujimoto was speaking to Nikkei and shared that the success of its PC software has been “driving global sales” and that he thinks “PCs will be the next big thing after smartphones.” Daemon has all that in your Daily Fix!

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