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5 Secrets for Ranking Up in Rocket League

Rocket League is easily one of the most popular multiplayer games available on any system, and with a bustling community of players, it’s also one of the most competitive. After the game was recently made free-to-play, Rocket League has seen a big influx of new players, bringing in some fresh blood to the online servers. If there’s one thing I hear players ask the most, it’s “how do I rank up fast in Rocket League?” Like any game or competitive sport, there’s no easy answer to this question. However, thanks to the hundreds of hours I’ve spent playing Rocket League over the past few years, there are a few tips I can offer. Whether you’re still trying to bust out of Silver rank or finally reach the high tiers of Grand Champion, here are five secrets for how to rank up fast in Rocket League.

5 Secrets for Ranking Up Fast in Rocket League

Learn to Rotate

If you want to get good at Rocket League, one of the very first things you should do is learn proper rotation technique. If you’re stuck down at Bronze, Silver, or Gold, utilizing correct rotation will often get you miles ahead of the competition. Although the concept itself takes a lot of practice to get right, the basics are simple to learn. After the initial kick-off, assess your position on the field. In a 2v2 or 3v3 game, one player will usually start closer to the ball while another will spawn closer to the goal. This determines the start of the rotation.

If you’re attacking the ball, do your best to get it up the field, but if you lose control, immediately start heading back toward your own goal. This will allow the player behind you in rotation to move up and be aggressive while you prepare to defend against a counter-attack. If your entire team is following proper rotation, backing off and attacking where needed, you should never find yourself with an undefended goal or a mismanaged pass.

Master Dribbling and Aerial Movement

While this tip will definitely get you ahead of the game in lower ranks, mastery of dribbling and/or aerial movement will continuously help you rank up fast. Generally speaking, in Bronze and Silver ranks, you won’t find many players going for big aerial hits or dribbling the ball with accuracy. If you can manage to maintain control of the ball while doing either of these things, you’ll likely be able to juke opponents or simply shoot over their heads.

When first learning technical dribbling or risky aerial moves, it’s important to constantly replay the tutorial drills included in the game. If you’re not able to complete the All-Star difficulty tutorial drills for striking and aerials, you haven’t reached the peak of your ability. Even if you’re unable to master these techniques, having a basic understanding of the mechanics will help you rank up fast. Once you get to higher ranks like Diamond and Champion, being proficient at either dribbling or aerial play is an absolute must. It’s good to start practicing early in order to get a head-start on your competition.

Communicate via Quick Chat

One of the most under-utilized features in all of Rocket League is the quick chat system, which is incredibly perplexing. Using this quick and intuitive system, you can call out to your teammates, indicating passes, open shots, or your general movements. For example, if you’re planning on taking a shot, a quick double-tap on your directional pad can notify your teammates with an “I got it!” message. Alternatively, if you think your teammate is in a better position to score, you can send out a quick “Take the shot!”. Thanks to the customizable nature of the quick chat system, you can maintain clear communication with your team without getting on the mic, which is a big plus.

Be careful though, as overuse of the quick chat feature might make you seem bossy. Nothing gets teammates more riled up than excessive spamming. As a general rule of thumb, try to use quick chat options that indicate your own movements, such as “Defending”, “Centering”, “In position”, and others like it. Try not to use the quick chat feature to grief opponents either, as your teammates might get confused by the canned nature of the responses. Generally speaking, maintaining proper communication with your teammates is something you’ll need to do if you want to succeed in higher ranks. Becoming proficient with quick chat will make it easier for your team to know what you’re planning on doing, which will help them get in a better position for a follow-up play.

Try the Extra Playlists

Although 3v3 is arguably the most popular playlist, you might be able to rank up faster by trying some other playlists. Without getting into the complex specifics of Rocket Leagues matchmaking system, your speed of ranking up has much more to do with your competition’s skill level than your own. If you play against opponents with more games played or a higher overall rank, winning will afford you big gains. If you’re struggling to overcome the competition in mainstay playlists like 3v3 and 1v1 Duels, we suggest trying out some of the modes found in the Extras playlist.

With modes like the basketball-style Hoops, aerial-intensive Drop Shot, or the all-out-madness of Rumble, there are some really fun matches to be played. Better yet, a lot of these modes encourage players to work on various aspects of their core game, which will help you perform better in more traditional modes. Plus, I’ve found it much easier to earn higher ranks in playlists like Rumble or Dropshot. Rumble, for example, gives players a special power-up to use every ten seconds. In many cases, these power-ups can help you secure goals with ease, removing some of the finesse that comes with standard Rocket League play. Also, the Extras playlists are mostly populated with players who are just looking for a good time, so you shouldn’t have to worry about ultra-competitive players until you reach the Platinum or Diamond ranks.

Play With Higher Ranked Friends

When all else fails and you’re just looking to nab that next rank, call in some help from high-ranking clan-mates or pals online. When matching you up with opponents, Rocket League is more likely to select players that are closer to your highest skilled teammate. For example, if you’re rocking out in Silver and you link up with a friend who’s Diamond, you’re going to face off against Diamond or Platinum players. While this might result in an extremely tough match, you’re likely to make massive jumps in rank if your team can secure the victory.

Speaking from experience, I’ve had lower-ranked friends join my party, and after ten wins or so, rank up quite a few times. In some situations, I’ve had friends earn ranks even higher than my own, although they arguably contributed less during the matches. There’s a decent level of mystery to Rocket League’s inner workings as it pertains to your ranking, but the old tactic of having your friends carry your weight still works. If you don’t care about becoming a better player (which you should) and you simply want to gain the next shiny rank emblem, coercing a more talented player to boost you up will get the job done. It might not be the most admirable technique of how to rank up fast in Rocket League, but it definitely produces results.